GRE考试写作issue 模板

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导读: 本文将从GRE issue的同意观点和不同意观点的写作手法为同学们提供写作模板,希望考生们可以从例子中找到写作灵感,总结出适合自己的GRE写作模板。
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  本文将从GRE issue的同意观点和不同意观点的写作手法为同学们提供写作模板,希望考生们可以从例子中找到写作灵感,总结出适合自己的GRE写作模板。

  gre issue 模板同意观点

  Nowadays, there is a controversial issue about _____. Depending on personal experiences and beliefs, we may find that some people hold the opinion that____, while others have an opposite attitude that____. As far as I am concerned, I agree that______. My view will be substantiated by following discussion.

  First of all, the most important reason for my view is that_____. To illustrate this, there is an appropriate example that is very persuasive: _____. Under this situation, it is obvious that____.

  In addition, there is another reason for me to express statement.______.

  Finally, as a proverb says, “Everything has two sides”. Although I admit/concede that there are a couple of advantages of _____, I still think that the disadvantages of it are obvious.

  In the final analysis, given the reasons mentioned above, we may safely come to the conclusion that_____.


  There is a universally accepted opinion that ________________, which is accordance with what the author asserted. As far as I am concerned, while I agree that____, I insist that_______ for these following reasons. / At the first glance, this opinion seems to be somewhat appealing, but further reflection tells me that I cannot agree with it for the following reasons.

  The first reason why I have such a view is that __________________. To illustrate this point clearly, we can see that _________________. For instance________________.

  The further reason is that _________________.There is an old saying that god helps those who help themselves, which is true in most cases.

  Last but not least, ________________.

  Admittedly, determining whether something should or should not be done could be weighed in many aspects. Different people have different answers due to their respective points of view.

  In conclusion, it must be explained that these three reasons sometimes intertwine to form an organic whole, thus becoming more persuasive than each of them. So, any thinking person must believe reach.





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